Glosary of Islam

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  • Islam - the religion of Allah (God). Not a personal belief that is practised in your own way in your own time but a complete way of life that has been demonstrated to all by the prophet Muhammed (p.b.u.h).
  • Quran - the message of Allah (God) as revealed to the prophet Muhammed (p.b.u.h). The living example of the Quran is the prophet Muhammad. The Quran is the theory and the prophets life is the example of how to live it.
  • Hadith - the saying and actions of the final Messenger of Allah (God).
  • Muhammad (peace be upn him) - the final Messenger of Allah (God).
  • Sahabah - the companians of the the final Messenger of Allah (God).
  • Sahabi - A muslim who has seen the prophet Muhammed (p.bp.u.h).
  • Muslim - A follower of Islam. One who beleives in Allah and his final Messenger. One who accepted and has recited the Shahadah (declaration) of Islam. Some one who does not accept the finality of the prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) is not a Muslim. Some one who does not rely on the Hadith (Sunnah) of the prophet cannot really be classified as a Muslim.

Nothing is free.

We beleive.
Do we really beleive? If we did, then our actions would confirm this.
Islam is not like other glossy religions.
Belief alone will not get you anywhere near heaven or salvation.
Beleive in Allah and the final prophet is the only initial step.
You must perform certain action - salah, fasting, zakat and perform (if possible).
You have to live your life according to certain rules ie be of good manners, decent, kind, forgiving and helpful.
You have to dress and behave with modesty. Engage in halal (lawful) activity.
Your every action will be b taken into account.
Based on all this will you be judged.

Judaism is about being subservient to God.
Islam is about being subservient to God.
We are servants of Allah.
If we obey Allah then Allah will be merciful.

Nothing is free. Nothing in life is easy.
When you go for the annual salary review, you are judged on your past actions not your future actions.
If we (employees) spent 99% of our time engaged in doing our own thing then the only reward we would get is the immediate sack.
If we (servants) spent 99% of our time engaged in worldly pleasures then we are unlikey to achieve anything.
The only outcome is "Go xxxx, do not clollect 200, go directly to hell".

Quality or quantity

In November 2008, there was concert in Wembley featuring singers like Abrar-ul-Haq and Shahida Minni. Instead of being seated like some people, young teenager and adults were standing up and dancing. They were pushing forward towards the stage all the time. The security could not get them to sit down or move back. They could only manage to hold them there. These young people did not move back an inch. They were really (interested besotted) into the scene. The stadium was eventually full packed with people easily paing upto £75 each to sit near the front.

Now take a different story.

How may people do you see rushing to the mosque. Rushing to get to the front row. Praying with the same conviction/zeal. Yet both these incidents describe muslims.

Muslims by name not by action.

I think I will pray the Farz namaz with the Imam. Hopefully i will have switched off my mobile which might say "Phone call Boss" or some very loud film tune or even Quranic verse.

That done. I think I will play with my mobile before I start on the sunnat prayers. Not a lot of conviction.

I think I will go early to mosque and treat it like home. How many people treat their home with much respect? I will natter while the muezzin calls the azaan or others are praying.

The azaan has been called, people are praing their sunnat namaz. Some people like to chatter in the front rows. "Excuse me brother, Is it really neccessary to talk?" No, we will stop.

Wait 10 seconds and try to offer some more advice "If you do need to talk, you can always go the back."
"Now, you are talking. You just told me off for talking."

Heaven help us with people with limited brain cells, who can only see black and white in all situations.

Legs apart.

Praying with legs apart.

The Quran advises people to sit sensibly at gathering so that every one can be accomodated.
When praying, we are not supposed to leave space between each other and fill up the front first. We some idividuals to take this to extremes. They insist on spreading their legs wide apart taking up a lot more room. They also insist on leaving no room ie squashing you.

We never complain of reading namaz in very cramped conditions if it is neccessary. Don't these individuals realise it is very uncomfortable and distracting especiallt when there is plenty of space.

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